March 18, 2020

Recent Studies have revealed a relationship between the composition of the human gut microbiota and the Genesis of obesity. Gut microbiota have been found to be significantly changed in the individuals with obesity, with an increased Firmicutes/bacteriodetes ratio and a decrease in F. Prau.
In addition there are metabolites of a healthy microbiome known as the short chain fatty acids (SCFA). Among these is the SCFA known as butyrate. Butyrate is a primary energy source for Colonocytes and have been shown to increase mitochondrial activity and prevent metabolic endotoxemia. In addition, Butyrate has been found to be protective against diet induced obesity and this is mediated through their stimulatory effect on gut hormones that reduce hunger. The prebiotics in Gut Food and Repair by Biome & Beyond have been clinically shown to improve all of the markers mentioned above. Studies have shown a significant increase in F. PRAU and the SCFA buturate with a decreased firmicutes/bacteriodetes ratio. In summary using Gut food And Repair by Biome and Beyondfor the modulation of the gut microbiome can lead to significant decreases in BMI, weight and fat Mass. Visit us today at


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