Livaux benefits

Livaux benefits

"How the balance within your digestive system affects your life?

An involved community of micro-organisms lives inside your digestive system is called ‘gut microbiome’, it is essential for absorbing nutrients and the effective operation of your immune system.

Together these micro-organisms, mostly bacteria, number around a hundred trillion and weigh as much as two kilograms.1

As with any community, the gut microbiome works best when it has a balanced population. Many of the bacteria within the community are beneficial, but others can become harmful in large numbers.

Lifestyle factors like what you eat, how much sleep you get, and your stress level can impact the balance of your gut microbiome. The good bacteria die off, and the harmful bacteria thrive. At the very least, you might feel ‘yukky’ or off-colour, because an unbalanced gut microbiome is affecting your everyday wellbeing. At worst, you might be genuinely unwell.

The ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome is a factor in many health problems, including IBS, IBD, colorectal cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, asthma and allergies.2

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