June 21, 2020

In the vast majority of individuals, the virus does not cause serious illness, but in a minority of those affected, it can cause a serious respiratory disease and even death. The risk of severe infection is more common in people with comorbities including high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes and all of these conditions are associated with a state of chronic inflammation as well as changes to the composition of the gut microbiome. The life threatening manifestations of the virus, everything from the lung involvement to the coagulopathy, all result from the a massive cytokine storm that occurs from an imbalanced immune response. One of the reasons for the overactive immune response lies in the gastrointestinal tract. There is strong, accumulating evidence in both animal and human studies that gut microbiome dysbiosis has a causal role in metabolism dysregulation manifested as diabetes and obesity. Both are risk factors of severe COVID-19 disease. In addition, a healthy and balanced microbiome can affect the immune response to the flu vaccine and improves outcomes in flu like illnesses. This is a result of the gut microbiomes ability to regulate host defences against viral infections including respiratory viruses, such as influenza virus. This occurs through the activation of immune antiviral mechanisms and the prevention of excessive inflammation. The inflammation is controlled as a result of the production of anti inflammatory messengers and metabolites that are produced by a number of beneficial bacteria. The trademarked prebiotics and herbals in GUT FOOD AND REPAIR BY BIOME AND BEYOND, have been clinically proven to promote the health and maintenance of the beneficial bacteria that produce the anti inflammatory metabolites necessary for a healthy and balanced immune response. Please check us out today at www.biomeandbeyond.com


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