November 20, 2019

In the last decade, the potential role of gut microbiota in the pathogenesis of brain disorders has attracted considerable attention. This gut microbiome plays an important role in the bi-directional communication between the gut and the central nervous system. Mounting evidence suggests that the gut microbiota can influence the brain function via immune and neuroendocrine pathways. Studies show that individuals with mood disorders had decreased levels of short-chain fatty acid producing bacteria. The abundance of actinobacteria, and enterobacteriaceae was increased and faecalbacterium was decreased consistently in patients with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder. These studies show the important role of the gut microbiome in the mood disorders. The prebiotics in GUT FOOD AND REPAIR by Biome and Beyond have been clincally proven to increase the species of bacteria that are deficient in the patients with mood disorders. Visit us today at


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