October 28, 2019


Research continues to find incredible connections between the microbiome and the Brain in fact the brain may have it's on microbiome that is similar to the gut microbiome of each individual. As recent as 2011, western medicine would have considered it crazy to recognize the association's between behavior and the microbiome. Scientists are finding evidence that the microbiome not only plays a role in Alzheimer's, depression, and bipolar, but also schizophrenia, autism and other psychiatric conditions. In addition, many of the neurodegenerative diseases are the result of misfolded proteins that originate in the gut as a result of dysbiosis. All of this points to the fact that a healthy gut gives rise to a healthy brain and vice versa. The trademark prebiotics in Gut Food and Repair by Biome and Beyond have been shown through scientific studies to promote the growth of many species of beneficial bacteria. Visit us today at www.biomeandbeyond.com


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